CATG...I am assuming command at shore at 0900 BT...STBD Product ..Can you give time you will come ashore....STBD 4 Tac log running smoothly 10% classes 1& 5 warehouse 4 aboard. I can come ashore in 30 min...TAC log will run all during problem..over...3rd Mar Div Tac Log 18,19 August 1965.

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About this website:

This website began as a book which for whatever reason, never materialized. The story background was the United States Marine Corps enlisted ranks of the mid 1960s superimposed against the "tao" or personal biography of a communist Front soldier during the same period.
    The "tao" was a biography each communist Front soldier was required to write as a self criticism.  It was also  a control device stored away in dociers by political officers until needed.
    Lessons from this period carried forward to present conflicts. In establishing my own place in  this chronology, I relate the stories of many others who found themselves caught up in what would become the divisive War in Vietnam.
    The stories and studies in this site have not been peer reviewed and are presented as an ongoing developing writing and web project. Citing or referencing without author's permission is not recommended.

Mike Malsbary

Site Administrator -
last update Apiril 2011

Tao: The Memoir Vance PoplarTotal visitors this site -all subjects-run at about 500 per month..through 1/1/2011

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Flash April 2011 :Atlanta - Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury receive effective treatment for the first time at Shepard Center. Doctor Daryl Kaelin responding to a question from CBS Evening News answered that the treatments administered by the Shepard Center in Atlanta are without question effective. A veteran who has received treatment there stated on CBS Evening News April 16, that "for the first time he had hope for the future..." Tri Care, the insurance provider for military veterans has denied payment on claims relating to "cognitive disorder care" because according to W.Lockette,spokesman for Tricare, "...its not supported by reliable scientific evidence." The real reason is, it would be too expensive to cover veterans who have symptoms of, or have a clear diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury. This is a disgrace. Poor screening at or after discharge has left over 400,000 veterans, veterans who served their country, still in harms way after they stepped up and served this country in the most horrible circumstances. Congress needs to accelerate legislation that mandates proper post service health care to all post 911 veterans. Founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus was so outraged by this disgusting reality that he donated two million dollars toward helping these veterans with TBI to get back on the road to meaningful, productive lives. �mtm-taowriter Go CBS News April 16, 2011.. (see also).Shephard Center in Atlanta

Its 2013, July. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day watching Esquire Channel feature on the routine operations of an Army EOD platoon in Afghanistan. The bravery exhibited by these soldiers and marines is hard to fathom. Patiently probing and defusing IEDs at night, riding mined roads with high ground all around them; I watched for several hours out of a sense of obligation, of duty. How can we Americans chill out on the Forth of July, most not giving a passing thought about our own troops in such conditions day in and day out? I for one will remember them the next time I complain about anything. A big thanks to each one of them and may they return to the love of their families and homeland soon.

See also petition supporting TBI treatments, you can send to your Congressional representative(s).

New Post 911 GI Bill Information

Memorial Day 2011: On Memorial Day Americans, especially we Veterans who have traveled that road, remember those who, in all wars past and present, gave the last full measure in the service of their country. In our hearts and thoughts too are those wounded men and women healing from war. And those who still stand the lonely perilous watch, without question and with the faith that, having done what we've ask of them, will one day return to the bountiful cities and fields. To all of them we say; Be fierce. Be strong. Be safe. Thank you from the deep recesses of our hearts.

Baker Company sends greetings from Iraq 2004

March 1,2014 Philadelphia, USS -LPD 25 Commissioned. Cast off all lines - the Hawks Group Thanks the Chaplain and Lt. Commander of Corpsmen for excellent tour. Cast off all lines! Stand-by sea and anchor detail. Prepare for departure. Make ready for sea.

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Some audio files used here courtesy of AVSUPPORT Online

Quang Ngai Province,Vietnam 1965

Fifty-Fow Joe-The Fall of Dien Bien Phu

The General-Episode 3.

The Red Eye To Philadelphia-Episode 7

Deployment over Qui Nhon July 4th-Vietnam-DayOne

The Grunt and the Diplomat

Highway 41 to Song Tra Bong

Nightfall at Qui Nhon

Nightfall at Qui Nhon music track

Indochina,Vietnam and NLF Chronology 1850-1965

VN War Slide Set-This one's more user frendly.

Marine Grunt and War In Vietnam: Final Exam

Operation Starlite Chronology-work in progress

New! Starlite TacMap Frame Set Series-work in progress.

Hong Kong 1965: A break from war.

Books,Essays and Recollections.

Photo Gallery(New!)

Marine Corps Birthday!


Lance Corporal Alvin Chester; Native American of Window Rock, Arizona; Born; December 07, 1943; KIA 5 JULY 1965. We will never forget Alvin and all who followed during and after Operation Starlite August 1965, that first year of a very long war. See Depolyment Over Quinhon July 4, 1965, a story link on this page. Special thanks to Playing For Change for allowing this embed and saying Music has the power to change.



And have a nice day.

Rating Notice: There are no violent images in this site, but because of graphic language and recollections about Marines on their way into and out of combat in 1964,65 and 66,I've rated the site PG-R.

Last updated: -November, 2015- There are three Operation Starlite Chronologies plus a few AARs. They are good studies which I used to understand this period. The password box is just for fun, just copy the passsword, paste it in the policemen's box...and you're in the chronology chart page. There are sound backgrounds to many manuscripts. Check it out! The slide show, loads at your on pace-There's also a large thumbnail page. The NLF Chronlology uses the same chart style chronology to study the history of Indochina. There are various After Action Report studies. The actual coordinates were plotted onto the Op.Starlite Tactical Map and corresponding AAR comments inserted into a view table. Turn up your sound blaster and check out the Marine Corps Birthday page. The main page music midi file is the theme from "Apollo 13". The U.S.S.Iwo Jima LPH, our ship off SVN late 1965, eventually met the Apollo 13 crew at splash down in the Pacific five years later, April 1970. Hey, nobody's forgetting this thing, or forgetting the service of our armed forces today. Ciao Tu Biet!!

Danang City Today.

Liberty Call! Take a break from the heavy stuff and check out these motorcycles

Crew Chief UH-34 1965

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