August 18, 1965

A U.S. Marine Corps Operation

This chronology of Operation Starlite, the first battle of the Vietnam War, is a broad timetable of political and military events leading to and including hour by hour accounts occurring on August 18, 19 and 20-24, 1965, on the Batangan Peninsula, Van Tuong Hamlet, Republic of Vietnam. The information presented is intended to give the student, veteran and history enthusiast an essence of the event and the historical context of the battle. Except for published excerpts from government and private sector documents, veterans of the battle contribute to the chronology relying mainly on recollection twenty to thirty years after the event. Similar to witnesses called to testify in a court of law, their contributions to the story are not censored, but are presented to allow the viewer an opportunity to weigh the testimonies and better understand the event. Even if statements conflict with other accounts, they are included. The original version of Operation Starlite has been revised to present only the AARs (After Action Reports). At present, (August 2006) work will continue over the winter to transfer the details on this chart to the TacMap series, the next link on the main page. This series allows the viewer to read accounts by coordinates noted in the AARs. So we will see the official record and the recollections of the Marines who were there, myself included. The TacMap allows close examination of the battlefield map by the viewer. To view the versions use password stackingswivelsixtyfive or stackingswivelsixtyfiveCM Copy and paste either password choice into the duty guard's password box. Welcome all. mtm

Pssst...hey Marine...the password is stackingswivel65NEW for the new version with the AARs only.

This project is not affiliated in any way with the U.S. Marine Corps or other publications about the event. There are several published works about the Operation. One, Otto Lehrack's The First Battle may be obtained from Casemate Publications, and another of Mr. Lehrack's No Shinning Armor from University Press of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas.

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August 2005

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