KB3PDR is now W3PDR!
First licensed in 1962: Re-licensing in May of 2007, receiving call KB3PDR-now W3PDR -represented a return to Amateur Radio after nearly 40 years away. The changes in operating styles, modes and equipment are remarkable. In 1961 I started with an Ocean Hopper, WRL's Globe Scout CW transmitter, Knight Kit VFO and AM modulator. Several dipoles and a bamboo cubical quad put me in touch with my best DX, California. Boy Scouts, Field Days and MARS became a part of my world. Off to college, I took the high road to adventure, a four year hitch in the Marine Corps, eventually setting up the first Navy MARS station in South Vietnam. I am now retired from a business career in surgical instrument, device and equipment sales.

After getting my ticket in '07 , I searched for the old concept of the big rig. The tiny, powerful Yaesu FT-857D linked with a Dell Pro computer, Ham Radio Deluxe and an Ameritron AL-811H Linear won out delivering top performance in every way. Pile ups, occasional side band QSOs, experimenting in UHF,VHF,Digital PSK31,RTTY are all inclusive with the FT-857D and now the Kenwood 590s. Very high and ancient oak trees plus a hill top location allows for great results (DX total 150 countries) with a three band trap and G5RV. A sterba curtain and half acre loop are now under construction.

I will always be grateful to those fine senior hams back in Georgia who patiently taught me Morse code and the basics of Amateur Radio. The great tradition continues!
Note: KB3PDR-now W3PDR- has been inactive for over a year due to a research book project that takes all of my time. As of May 2012, W3PDR on the air! All QSLs are up to date ( I think ) but if you still await a QSL send me an email via QRZ.com and I'll get a card to you. For now, 73s & Good DX.

73s Mike
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Kenwood TS-590s, AL-811H, Dell Pro with Ham Radio Deluxe all modes all the time.

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