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Day One: In Country

Photo Music Score

by Julian Bradley

NIGHTFALL AT QUINHON JULY 4,1965 music track.

Here's a music sound track that evokes, in recollection, this aging Marine veteran's memory of those first few nights there beside my team. I took the photo from my mortar position fifty yards or so behind the line company positions using a Nikon F, which I quickly put away out of the rain that began to fall. Weapons and mortar fire rang out there over Qui Nhon, all night July 4, 1965- one month before Operation Starlite the very first battle of the Viet Nam War. Vietnam: Day One an episode on this site is my recollection of our few days in this position. The very fine music background track is composed and played by Mr. Julian Bradley whose many works, and lessons, may be found at or search 'Bradley jazztutoral' on You Tube.
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