Old Roads Out Of Philadelphia

Old Roads Out Of Philadelphia

A photo gallery starting in Old Philadelphia

This gallery feature: Valley Forge.

Valley Forge to many is a symbol of restoration, restoration of an army, of faltering cause in the very beginning, of America in a dark hour, and too it is a symbol of individual transformation. Volumes have been written about General Washington's stolid tenacity at Valley Forge; keeping his posture as a leader and at the same time feeling deeply for his soldiers and officers. By the winter of 1777, they had followed him, struggling with every conceivable problem, over his long egress from Boston the summer of 1775. They had heard his muted instruction in the Christmas blizzard before their attack at Trenton. ..stay with your officers men, for god sake stay with your officers." Threads of all of America's armed forces lead back to Valley Forge. So except for these brief words, the photos speak most eloquently across three hundred years in a whisper that is best heard in a biting cold winter wind. Don't forget Valley Forge.....

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