The Shop-now under construction

My shop has evolved over the years. Once occupied by motorcycle projects, it has transformed into a wood shop. Of course, antennas of all types are planned but here are some pictures of two, a huge 6 meter 10 element and a smaller 2 meter 22 element.

The dimensions for the 2 meter yagi came from the ARRL handbook. The beam is relatively small so I used the heavier less expensive electrical conduit. The handbook specified spacers from a company that no longer existed, so a number of hardware store nylon spacers were tooled down on my drill press style lathe. The process worked nicely. The beam will be used to track satellites using my Orbitron program. Also it would be fun to try and pick up some EME signals. Next comes a home brew 144 MHz preamplifier mounted at the antenna.

One only needs to listen to QSOs to discover the payoff from experimenting with antennas. QRP stations report success with a variety of antenna designs from wire dipoles to verticals. Antennas in attics, on flag poles and concealed behind the crest of a roof top all keep us on the air, discretely if necessary.