Taowriter Lab
Below are several viewing experiments. The design goal is to present to the viewer a variety of fun interactive features with good graphics information and page styles. The Scull & Heap Map of around 1760 (from the David Rumsey Map Collection)(now in the 18th Century Studies Section) has building icons showing the locations of shops, churches and homes notable citizens of early Philadelphia. Also, the Marine Corps features have a java snow and sound effect, so turn up your speakers.

Marine Corps Birthday! This is an HTML jpg file with java audio background. November birthday celebrations almost here.

Animated Sea Battles Using Empire Total War numerous skillful gamesmen give us a hint of tactical maneuvering under sail at sea during the 18th and 19th Centuries. These scenarios-I assume based on actual battle data, are so good, I'm tempted to buy the software and set up some port scenes in Philadelphia 1775. Stay tuned but enjoy these, really nice.

March 1,2014 Philadelphia, USS -LPD 25 Commissioned. Special thanks to the Hawks Group ,to the Chaplain and the Lt. Commander of Corpsmen for excellent tour. Cast off all lines! Stand-by special sea and anchor detail. Prepare for departure. Commence the watch. Make ready for sea. [admin's note:] The original USS Somerset commission website was closed after the ship got underway. The link then defaulted to a random commercial site in Chinese. As of Feb 2017 the corrected link now goes to a U.S. Navy News feature on the Somerset. Haze Gray and Underway!

USS Nicholas-FFG47-Decommissioining Ceremony,Norfolk March 10 2014-Carrying on a proud tradition.

Here is a seascape video on a larger screen.The MOV Kodak file was simply uploaded to the server. Quick Time will handle the video nicely but may take a moment to load. The nice music sound track is by Julian Bradley.

Sea Gulls-A day at the beach along the Maryland shore. This feature also included a different music track by Julian Bradley.

An Mid Term Election Poster for 2018 The next hurtle for voters interested in restoring a healthy functioning body to our congress. Americans will surely stay in tune with the issues that personally effect their lives on the road ahead. Prioritize the quality and safety of public education for our children; Pursue the continuing formation of a national healthcare initiative; Start revitalization of America's infrastructure, roads, bridges and rail FDR style; Increase continued investment in national defense to include effective, uncontested and speedy care for all veterans; Shore up steadfast maintenance of Social Security as both an economic stabilizer and moral obligation to America's aging,worker population; Incentivize large corporations collectively to significantly fund the infrastructure, education and veterans care initiatives; energize the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 and cultivate a fiscal tiger to insure enforcement; Protect the environment through significant, even regulation of corporations foreign and domestic engaged in mining American natural resources; In the names of all who have been killed or have suffered, pursue once and for all an enforceable federal gun registration and control law in the interest of improved safety for all American citizens; Legislate the return to one citizen one vote nullifying the dangerous adulteration of the election process by large bully corporations seeking to rig elections under the protection of Citizens United; [campaign finance reform.] The standard of any effective government is the measure of its power in each of these areas to provide for the health, welfare and safety of all of its citizens. Take a moment at the beach to think about what you want America to look like in 2019.

Carpenter's Wharf...THESE SWF AND WMV VIDEO FILES ARE BEING UPDATED TO A LIGHTBOX FORMAT..This one minute video featuring a pan of the Delaware River at Penn's Landing. It is a wmv file created on an RCA Small Wonder. Carpenter's Wharf,long since decayed, was one of the first docks built in Philadelphia in the late 1600s. Due to fill that made room for a major highway (I-95) plus the Penn's Landing concrete complex, the waterline is much further out into the river compared to 1600.

Fall comes to Valley Forge...and Sleet and winter to come... and Snow at Valley Forge... and... Valley Forge Spring... and.... Mid Summer at Valley Forge... THESE SWF AND WMV VIDEO FILES ARE BEING UPDATED TO A LIGHTBOX FORMAT...These videos feature the changing seasons along the valley creek area approaching the Isaac Potts Farm and Forge, which became Washington's Headquarters during the winter of 1777-1778. Valley Forge. The fine 18th Century house in now the VF Library and was the headquarters of one of Washington's staff generals. (minimize video player, select back to return to web lab page and next video.)

Philadelphia Map 1750s...This famous map appeared in a gentleman's magazine in mid 1700. Created by Scull & Heap it is a whose who of Philadelphia Society of that period. Properties of middling and lower sorts are few. The names of founders Humphreys, Wharton, Morris and the Colony at Schuylkill populate the map. This map will feature hyperlink image map spots at the various properties generating quick videos or still shots of that location today. At present there are no links embedded in the map.

Animation Project 101 Various object and shape renderings. This is the first step in building the object to be animated.

THESE SWF AND WMV VIDEO FILES ARE BEING UPDATED TO A LIGHTBOX FORMAT.. This swf video clip is the same clip just added to the four seasons feature above only I'm trying out the Coffee Cup video embed program. I like the moving newspaper pictures in the Harry Potter movie..next will try to embed the video into a PDF.

Here's a nice opportunity to try a Flash Embed. After doing some heavy reading on 18th Century warfare, particularly as it relates to the American Revolution, I ran across this fine example of a rolling broadside. The video is from the British Museum in celebration of Lord Nelson's victory at Trafalgar in 1803. Turn up the sound and take a listen to some real firepower from Nelson's HMS Victory. This feature is also included in Animated Sea Battles in this page. See also, 18th Century Studies page on this site.