This music soundtrack is by west-coast musician and composer Julian Bradley.....You can find more of his fine sounds at www.jazzherobooks.com....or search Bradley jazztutorial in You Tube.........

While composing a painting, an artist mixed a fine pale yellow for the highlight of a lovely vase on an old table bathed in sun light from a window. The artist, happy with his selection of the pale yellow, proceeded to fill in his sketch of the vase in a dusty attic room. As the painting proceeded and subtle colors dropped into place on the canvas his masterful brush strokes subsided. The artist stepped back and was astonished that the pale yellow was no longer the color he selected. The changing canvas, as he added contrasting colors around the room magically mixed with the other colors as the painted image reached his eye. He laughed at the unexpected event, put down his brush and went down on the street for a strong espresso.

It is March 2017-As the weeks and months pass, the damage to the time tested organization of our government processes can not be imagined. State, our diplomatic linkage to the world is about to vanish. Justice now serves the whim of an unstable Executive. The Legislative Branch remains our only thread to a government of by and for the people. 2022 mid term elections will be your next opportunity to maintain your grip on your America, or as Ben Franklin stated after presenting the new government to the people in 1776 ..."if you can keep it."