coord company time action participant comments and recollections
BT527035   190645H Landing (of 2/4) Companies E,G,H,H&S and 3 Plts of PFs departed from positions BT527035 at 180645 to conduct a three day S&D op 13 miles S. of Chu Lai.  
BS666955 G Co 180645H Landed west if LZ Red at coord. Landing was unopposed.  
BS675933 E Co 180730H Landed west of LZ White under small arms fire from ridgeline at coord BS674946 to BS680933. Resulting attack aircraft and UH1E strikes. Small arms fire received while in LZ. No casualties  were sustained.  
BS692921 H Co 180745H Landed in LZ Blue BS692921 and moved into the attack toward Nam Yen BS692922  
BS675933 CG 2/4 180815H Command Group lands at LZ White BS675933 under sparotic small arms fire from ridge line BS674946.   
BS680933 E Co & G Co 180830H Moved into the attack in a northwesterly direciton. In the attack Co (E?) and the CG came under 60mm, 81mm, machine gun and small arms fire from and estimated 50-60 VC occupying the north sector if the ridge line. The platoon sustained 2 KIA and 3 WIA while registering a direct hit with a 3.5 rocket. (3 VC KIA-Enemy fled some 400 meters to SE)  
      Platoon reaches top of hill they receive 6 rounds of incoming fire with negative results.  
BS673960 G Co Moves into blocking position overlooking PHU LONG 1 and 2.  Village contained many tunnels, trenches and fox holes most of which were located in hedge rows and were difficult to locate. 8 VCs captured in village.  
BS692922 H Co 180830H moved toward Nam Yen 3 One platoon moved into position at BS689918 and took VC under fire on Hill 43 BS685916. Remainder of Company moved toward Nam Yen with no contact. One platoon came under heavy small arms fire. Platoon was pulled back  to utilize air on the objective. 11 WIA and 1 KIA were evacuated during strike.  
BS678942 E Co & G Co 180900H Company manuvered the remaining platoons to seize the ridge line from BS678942 to BS683937. During attack Co E and CGp received 81mm, 60m and automatic weapons fire from an estimated 60 VC. While in assault one section 81s displaced forwad and continued to fire at probable VC withdrawal routes.  
    181000H Hill secured.  
  E Co 181000H Attempted to evacuate their 2 KIAs and 15 WIA.  Enemy losses unknown. Request for evac helos took 50 minutes to arrive.  Company E joined by 3 tanks and 3 Ontos bearing casualties (and) captured VC weapons-were evacuated.  
Hill 45 E Co 181030H 1st Platoon H Co. continued to sweep Hill 45 up to the topographical creast, at that time the VC broke contact.  
  E Co 181100H Company continued sweep of assigned sector.  
BS687944 E Co 181200H While moveing into Hamlet at coord E Co and C.Gp began receiving 81mm, 60mm, 57mm RR, machine gun and smalll arms includng fire from BS688945, 688948,691945 from and estimated 50 VC. Fire was returned by all organic weapons that included one .50 cal machine gun attached to Co. E.  
    181300H Hamlets secured. 8 friendly WIAs. One FC FO was shot from a tree and carried away with other asualties.  (ed note-the tree FO appears again in November during the battle of LZ-Xray- mtm)  
      CGp receives 81mm, 60mm, 57mm RR and small arms fire which resulted in 2 WIA.  
    181230H Departed from area to resume the attack. Company H by-passed Nam Yen as Company I 3/3 had swept through reportedly clearing the village. H Co. moved through to NE with no contact.  
BS688390 H Co 181300H The company received small arms fire from rear, tanks and Ontos began to have increased difficulty in movement due to the rice paddies. H Co. held up at coord. In order to give armor a chance to manuever.  
BS698390 H Co   H Co. taking incoming heavy small arms fire, 81mm,60mm 3.5 rocket and 57mm RR fire from vicinity of Hill 30 and Nam Yen. Heavy automatic weapons , 81mm, 60mm,3.5" rocket and 57mm RR fire continued from all directions.  
      Fire was returned at maximu rate possible utilizing the tanks and Ontos weapons. Fire continued and armor was unable to move forward. All personnel and equipmnet were evacuated from the area still under intense fire.  
BS702928 H Co platoon 190430H One platoon of H Co lost contact with the company and came upon Bravo Command of 7th Marines under Major Coleman at coord. The Major ordered platoon to secure the hill and wait for him to return with I and L Cos and downed Amtracks. Platoon stayed put until 190430H when (the Major) returned, then moved out to the Regimental CP.  
BS695923 H Co 181630H The remainder of the company (H) moved to coord unser sporadic small arms fire from Nam Yen and made contact with Co I and preped Hill 43 as night defensive position.  
BS668959 G Co 181330H In vicinity of Phu Long at coord ordered to move into blocking positions at BS683972. Company arrived there at 181500H with no contact and coordinated with M 3/3.G Co moved to hill complex vicinity BS678968 and established defensive position.  
  E Co   Company finished evacuating casualties and contineud sweep in assigned sector to BS693948. In route numerous spider holes, camouflaged punji traps were uncovered. Also empty 60mm and 81mm mortar casings were scatered thorughout the area.  
BS693948 E Co 181400H  The company began digging in for night for night defensive positions at coord.  
BS696946   181515H Approx 100 VC with 81mm,57mmRR and small arms were observed by the Comand Gorup moving south in the vicinity of coord. A flash message sent for Arty immediately. A lapse of 12 minutes between the time message sent and arrival of first round. Later the Bn Commander reported that aprox 90 VC bodies were observed from UH1E in the vicenity of BS696946.  
BS692947 E Co 182100H Co E ambush party was proceeding along the trial at coord. Killed 1 VC armed with only 2 grenades. Probably this VC was FO for 60mm mortars which during the night fell wide of Company E and the CG group. No futher contact during the night. H&I and Illumination in area through out night.  
  H Co 181730H Co H requested fuel for the Ontos which only had 1/8 th tank of gas and were unable to travel any distance.  
BS693921 H Co 181800H 81mm mortars arrived at Co Hs position along with resupply of food, water and ammunition. H Co stil unable to effect liaison with Co. I. No reinforcements could be expected and no fuel arrived for the Ontos thereafter, the company establlished a tight defensive perimeter in the vicinity of coord  
BS693921 H Co   Perimeter consisted of 3 Ontos, 3 tanks, 1 section 81mm Mortars and 24 infantrymen. Company remained there during the night with no contact with the enemy.  
BS678968 G Co 182300H Observed aprox 5 khaki clad VC mvoing from east to west at BS678962. The VC went out of sight before fire could be ordered on them. Artillary was called for the draw where they were last seen. It took about 15 minutes to receive the first arty round due to fault of the FO and by the time fire for effect arrived the VC had cleared. No further contact made during the night by G Company  
BS678968 G Co 190700H-Day Two Ordered to continue assigned mission and drive to the coast. It's to be noted that G Company did not get a resupply the night before and therfore was out of food and water.  The Company moved out and at 190800H they received heavy small arms fire from the vicinity of BS685965 and BS699973  
      The fire was returned but few VC observed as majority of fire cam from hedgerow.  
BS693970 G Co 190830H G Co arrived on ridge line at coord and received heavy small arms fire.  From BS693970 and 698965.  
BS690973 G Co 190845H VC were observed across the draw to the front of the Co.Commander G Co and held up his company crossing the ravine.  The location of adjacent units were requested. No friendly units indicated in area. Air strikes called in. on VC at 190845H. First bomb hit VC errupted with  heavy small arms fire from aprox 50-50 VC. Secong bomb dropped the company commander received a message  from CO M 3/3/ that the air was hitting friendly troops. Air strikes ceasesed  and it was found that Co. M was at BS690973 instead of their reported position.  
  G Co 190930H Assaulted the position  killing 4 VC and finding 2 VC hiding in the hedge rows. No weapons found. Hill mass secured at 190930 with no friendly casualties.  
  E Co 09080H Company swept through the village of Van tuong and collected various documents, VC packs, small arms ammunition, grenades and VC communications wire. Ammuntion was blown in place, documents turned over to the Bn S-2. The wire was laid North to South and East to West, leading to the high ground where they had OPs. Co. E moved through the village with no contact. Village too large for one rifle Co to search, Tn Commander recommended to CO 7th Marines that ARVN Bn be sent  to search after the company left.  
  E Co 191000H Company received heavy small arms fire from approx.20 VC loated at BS705964. Co. E. assaulted the VC positioins and upon arriving at top of hill VC fled in a northerly direction. No friendly casualties sustained.  
    191030H Contact made with K Co 3/3 in the right flank. Command Group received two incoming rounds of 81mm Mortar fire sustaining no casualties  
    191100H E Co reached high ground at BS705974 turned NE and swept the peninsula to include the village of PHUOC THUAN BS710970.  
    191200H Co E moved out on the sweep as ordered and received small arms fire form left rear BS701973  Area marked with 3.5 rocket WP as a mortar target and Co E contineud on its assigned mision. 81s section with the Cgroup fired 8 rounds of HE on target and VC firing ceased. CoE contineud sweep thru the assigned sector capturing 1 VC. Co moved to the top of hill 32 BS712978. prepared night defensive positions and sent out 2 seven man patrols to scout to the east, northeast and southwest.  
    190800H Co H received resupply of fuel and received word to move to Green beach BS7192. Company reached beach and was joined by platoon detached the previous day.  Co H assigned assigned regimental reserve and CP security.  
    201200H H Co retracted by surface craft arriving at Chu Lai at 201200H (ed May 2005-How nice that ocean spray must have felt for men of H Company!)  
  G Co 191300H G Co moved overland to BS706967 for new mission. During movement 8 heat casualties sustained due to not receiving water anf food. Company provided CP security for the C Group.  
    191500H CO 7th Marines arrived and assigned 2d BN Rein the mission of mining and booby draping area in which we held. Co E booby trapped Hill 32 BS712978 and ave of approach. 1 squad engineers  and Det Force Recon booby trapped trails and ave of approach to BS7096.  
    192100H  co G and G.Gp received 5 rounds of Naval Gun Fire all of which were fired directly at Co G and CGp. The rounds landed behind thee uits with no damage inflicted. Flash messages sent to cease fire of the Naval Guns. We were not the ones directing this fire also round were low enough to detonate into tree tops.  
    192300H More air strikes not requested by this unit. Into vicinity of BS714974  Rockets and bombs fell within 200 meters of Co E position on Hill 32 vicinity BS712978.Flash message to cease fire.  
    hours of darkness No enemy contact due to constant arial flairs.  
    200745H-1000H 5 villagers came to Co G position 2 children, 2 adult males and 1 adult female all of whom were wounded. The two children and the adult female were wounded by the air strike conductd at 192300H the night before. All 5 helo evac to B Med.  
  E Co   Arrived back at Chu Lai at 201230H  
    201350H G Co swept area of reported VC siting and searched caves and tunnels. No contact. Caves blown by B Engineers. G Co returned and prepared to retract by helo. The CGp retracted by 201530H without incident.