coord company time action participant comments and recollections
BT65004 M-3/3/3 17000H landed by LVT and went overland by foot  
BS683971 remainder afternoon and night by sea  
BS683971 M-3/3/3 180600H on foot-M Co established blocking force  
BS718922 BLT 180630H BLT lands at Green Beach One  
  K Co   On right Green Beach Two in LVTs  
  L Co   In reserve landed in LCU8s and LCM8s  
  tanks and Ontos   Also landed in waves by LCB and LCMs  
BS717922 I Co      
  K Co   Moves through n.edge sub-hamlet two secures hill 22  
  L Co secong wave Receives small arms fire from right flank beach. Co committed to attack toward phase line APPLE-firing ceased-2 WIA  
  I Co   continued westward  
  K Co   contineud westward  
BS708928 K Co   turns to NE at coord and moved toward phase line APPLE  
BS703923 I Co   flanking movement to NE in vicinity of coord. The Co was directed to attack source of fire AN CUONG 2 (BS701928)  
  I Co   Reinforced by tanks attacked across stream. CO I Company KIA by enemy frag grenade (threwn from well)  60 mm mortar wounded 3 Marines. Hamlet secured.  
  I Co 181115H returned to 3/3 zone of action and commenced sweeping toward phase line APPLE  
      A disabled UH-1E lands near Co.I positions. 10 Marines and 3 tanks left beind to guard the tank.  
BS714938 K Co   receiving heavy volume automatic fire from vicinity of coord and went into attack to overcome resistance.  
BS698932   181225H 5 LVTs full of supplies (rations and water) under small arms mortar and recoilless rifle fire in vicinity of coord. As they attempted to reach Bn position.  
  I Co 181305H dispatched to scene to assist the LVTs  
bs703927 I Co 181400H again under heavy fire inflicting several casualties.  
  K Co   continued their attack to the north  
  K Co 181525H bacame engaged in a fire fight withc resulted in several friendly casualties. K and L Cos assaulted the hill in vicinity of coord.BS713942  
  K Co 181550H established perimeter defense  
  I Co   recovered 10 marines guarding the UH1E  and a platoon of H Co. 2/4 that was pinned down by enemy fire and was continuing to advacne toward the LVTs but (the enemy) suffered rather heavy casualties which impeded enemy advance.somewhat.  
bs708927 L Co 3Bn 7th R 181600H landed at coord and were assigned op control of 3/3  
bs700930 L Co 3Bn 7th R   reinforced with a light section of tanks, a tank retriever from Co B 1st Tank Bn assigned to effect juncture with Co I 3/3 at coord.  
bs70930 L Co 3Bn 7th R 181730H with 2 platoons abreast followed by tanks approached the preassigned juncture point and cam under extermely heavy small arms and mortar fire from the west. Attempts to advance  across a rice paddy were supressed.  
      As darkness fell, patrols were dispatched to the N and W.  To locate I Co. Tanks and LVTs.  
bs698926     The patrol  to the North returned and reported unsuccessful. The patrol to the West returned and reported a burning tank and disabled LVTs  
bs713942 L Co. 3/7   command option: one-to close remainder of battalion with with L Co. 3/7 two- move L Co 3/7 into the battalion perimeter at coord.  
bs713942 L Co. 3/7 182330H After determining that I Co (in their position with the LVTs) had the means to counter VC resistance, it was decided that L Co 3/7, in a night movement, would be moved into the BLT 3/3/ perimeter.  
BS698932 H Co 2/4 182330H At the same time two tanks formaly in support of Co H 2/4 moved to the resupply LVTs to increase defensive capability in the area.  
  I Co 182300H Tanks arrive at LVT position insupport of I Co 3/3/  
bs713942 L Co 3/7 190130H L Co. 3/7 moves into BLT 3/3 perimeter  
  I Co 190145H Remains in village with VC until  (1:45am)  then began to return to Bn secondary command post arriving at 5:00 am on 19 Aug. Co I then assigned to security  of RLT CP and the beach area.  
  L Co 3/7   upon arrival at BLT 3/3 area was integrated into the defensive perimeter for the night.  
    daylight Aug 19 BLT 3/3 received a Frag order narrowing it's zone of action to the east. BLT 3/7 was assigned the missiono of recovering the LVTs. BLT 3/3/ assigned to continue the attack to the sea zone.  
  3/3 K & L co 190700H Jumps off to N. with Co K on left and Co L on right and L Co 3/7 held in reserve. Zone prepared with naval and artillary gun fire. Bn moved toward beach agains sporatic gun fire from BS712957. The Bn moved to the dune line just inboard of the beach and returned fire. Artillary and air strikes called in on position and fire ceased.  
  Co L, Co K, Co.L 3/7   After intensive artillary air air prep of the area, BLT 3/3 continued attack to the south  with Co L 3/7  on left and Co L  3/3  in center and Co. K 3/3/ on right. On arrival at Phase Line Banana, Co. L 3/3 closed at approx 191855H  
  Co L 3/7   delayed due to evacuation of heat casualties. A platoon from Co L 3/3 was attached to  assist the Co for for the entire unit arrived in the unit area at 192140H  
      A defensive position was established  the night of 19 Aug with heavy H&I fires being provided by artillary and Naval gunfire.  
      The following morning (20 Aug) patrols wer sent out to find any remaing VC pockets of resistance.  All returned reporting no contact.  
    201050H  Co K 3/3, Co 3/3  and the XO group commenced movement southward toward Green Beach arriving without incident at 201240H  
      The Commanding Officer group Co L 3/7 and 3rd Plt. Co B, 3rd AT Bn remained to receive BLT 1/7 and guide them into position. BLT 1/7 commenced landing at approximately 201330H and the CO Group of BLT 3/3/ commenced movement to Green Beach at 201440H arriving at 201550H. Retraction followed shortly and BLT set sail for Chu Lai aboard LST 1161