cood company time action participant comments and recollections
BT650034 M Company 171000H Company departed area and proceded to coord by LVT. Conducted S&D op moving in Southerly direction moving in a tri axis advance along ridge lines BS656013 and BS650007 to BT658997 and valley floor between ridges. Receiving contact 2 sniper rounds  coming from the Northeast from long ridge.  
BT652005 M Company 171505H Found 1 M-1 grenade w/o pin in C ration can at BS657998 it was destroyed.  One man slightly wounded by booby trap grenade at coord BT652005  
BT667795 M Company 180100H Spent night at coord and (1am-Aug.18) Company moved out and proceeded to coord BT683971 arriving at 180420H. Area was secured and company dug in.  
      Whisky battery started to arrive at 180930H.  
  G Co 2/4 181500H Arrived and (?) in to the West of the Company Area. Day and night patrols were sent out during entire period.  
BS700975 M Company 190630H One platoon (Rein) patrol was sent out at 190630H with mission of securing and establishing  an outpost position at BS700975 while moving up the hill they sighted 12 VC moving along the ridge in a southerly direction. They (VC) were taking under immediate fire and five bodies (enemy? ed-mtm) were found when Marines reached the area. This platoon was probably taken for a VC unit  by 2/4 Marines as an air strike was run from the East to the West and although three 250 lb bombs fell within 100 meters from the platoon, non was hurt prior to our getting the air strike stopped. During the evening of 18 and 19 August the company and Btry was hit by 3" 58 Naval gunfire star clusters and HE shells. These did not explode and most were later destroyed. No further action took place on the 20th and the company started retractions by Helo at 201835H and the last unit arrived back in the Bn area at 201925H.   
      Remarks: Forcing troops to keep spread out pays off. Only one man was wounded by a tripped booby trap. There was a need for close, constant communications between units to avoid inflicting friendly casualties.