From Mike Malsbary-taowriter5000

(Google & YT user name MTMals)

2019..... This is a brief non paid testimonial about my very positive experience with Pocket, the popular application I use to archive important things I spot daily on-line. I was surprised to receive this neat recognition from the Pocket Development Team signifying that I continued to be in the top five percent of Pocket users. High fives all around. So how did this happen?

An inveterate tablet user (Kindle Fire and Nexus 7) I'm up at the crack of dawn scanning several on-line newspapers and magazines over coffee. Not having time to read everything of interest, I save the article to my Pocket account. Then, as time allows during the day(off line), I read items saved that morning. Numerous long or short articles it doesn't matter. Saved items can be easily favorited, archived or deleted in my Pocket account.

But the most valuable aspect of Pocket for me is saving music lessons from You Tube. A music beginner (5-6 years now-from zero) I have probably saved over three hundred You Tube mini lessons. The lessons are my own archive of things I need to learn to call myself a musician. I can access the saved lessons on-line via any WI-Fi connection when I'm away from my studio or on any computer.

I've used the free Pocket account for several years. Pocket Premium is available for a nominal charge. So join me in the Valhalla of Pocket readers and users. Congratulations Pocket Development Team for producing such a wonderful application. This Pocket icon is a link to their "get pocket" page. Enjoy whatever it is you do, more. See you at the top (5%) ;)

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