Old Roads Out Of Philadelpia

Old Roads Out Of Philadelphia

A photo gallery starting in Old Philadelphia

This Gallery: Old Philadelphia and Independence Park Area.


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Harriton House

Keeping to the spirit of these photos of Old Philadelphia drop into the Harriton House. Built between 1702 and 1704 by Rowland Ellis, a first settler, this farm included a land tract of 700 acres. In 1774 Charles Thomson married heiress Hannah Harrison daughter of the deceased property owner Richard Harrison. Richard, originally a Maryland Tobacco planter had moved to Philadelphia and near his wife Hannah Norris's Quaker family. The Rowland Ellis connection came from Hannah's family and social network. As the 1st Continental Congress convened, Charles Thompson well established at age forty five was called for and appointed secretary of the Congress. Here is a quick bio of Charles Thomson, a remarkable story. This house and farm was only a few hours buggy ride from Independence Hall, across the Schuylkill River up old Lancaster Road. For more information about Harriton House, or to make a donation visit the Harriton House website.

Oct. 17, 2019..The Flash photo gallery style used to document some 18th Century artifacts in and around Philadelphia is being revised. Photos taken along each road, Lancaster Pike (Rt 30), West Chester Pike (Rt 3) Baltimore Pike (Rt 1), Germantown Pike (Rt 611), Bethlehem Pike (Rt 309) will be in a new gallery format like the one presented in the West of Philadelphia page. This section is now under reconstruction.

Existing photos in this page, Old Roads of Philadelphia, will be loaded into this new Java Visual Slideshow program over the next few months.

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