Bikes in the Works
Here's some shots of stuff around the garage. Fortunately we've had some good mild weather here in Pennsylvania so a lot of the work could continue. The XS-1100 , the main focus now, is a classic muscle bike from the 80s. During the summer of 2004, the second gear locked up. Back at the garage, I tore it completely down putting all of the parts in zip lock bags for reassembly, however long it took.

About a year and a half later, every single part, from allens to pinch bolts and the bright stuff was sanded, polished and stored in another zip lock until assembly. Here's some pics of that bike and other junk around the garage.

note: all of this copy was written nearly eight years ago when bike work was going strong. The gallery slide show was just added.

The fuel line design of the XS-1100 is a mess. Once assembled using the old thick black fuel line, bolting the gas tank was like trying to get a sea bag locked during mount out. Usually a leak resulted from a line pulling off a pitcock, a brass connecter coming loose or a kink somewhere that would starve the engine. Enough! I ordered Targon line from Wakula Racing, along with plenty of quick disconnects and fuel line filters. You can see the white quickies on the top of the carb. Rather than abreviate the line length, I used plenty. Once bolted down, the quick disconnects will snap the receivers already on the pitcocks. Plenty of line should prevent the kink situations experienced before.

The spedo and tac and mount were completely disassembled, crowns replaced, electrical cable lace wrapped at the entry to keep out the weather. Assembly on this and front end over the holidays went nicely. The break calipers were also broken down, cleaned and old black Yamaha paint stripped to shiney aluminum. Once its all sealed, a few coats of clear coat will keep weather off the metal.

Under the instrument cluster. This photo detail looked pretty bad so I pulled the instruments, painted ultra flat black and replaced the nuts with chrome acorns. Corrosion is a problem here in late summer, so I've used the same shellac tropicalization the U.S. Gvt. uses on electronic equipment to protect wiring and some metal parts from the weather especially tropical humidity.

The XS1100 is coming together. Chrome arrived from PCA in Anaheim last week. Beautiful! Some of tha metal from this 1981 muscle bike was in bad shape but they pulled it off. That Cam cover really looks super! The side covers together with the new chrome allen fastenings are kick ass. Those guys are pro!

Nice close up of engine. It kind of spills out of the frame-a lot of engine that XS-11. The metalic paint on the cylinders is an intersting olive metalic green. When the engine was down, I detailed the hell out of it and finished it with engine primer with Dupli-Color cast coat iron. Boss!

Electrical. Old bikes can really detiorate in this area. The harness was completed re wrapped and I added lace similar to what I'd seen on old WWII government electronics equipment. The parts were as fresh as the day they were installed. That's why the harness and fuse section here is shiny. Its also in to stay. All connectors were cleaned with contact cleaner.

A nice shot of the 1100 engine. Its 4 across, all new rubber intake carb mounts. The ignitions lines will be covered with red shrink wrap- hope it holds up under engine heat. They lay right on the cam cover. The cam cover will be chorme plated, as will all engine covers will have a real snake in the grass look. The tank has been modified to a flush mount air craft type filler cap. The lettering and graphics theme will be around jet aircraft lettering and wording. I'm working on this design over February. I thought about a misty light gray color just under the lower edge of the tank, all the way back to the petcocks. Tactical aircraft have a dusty gray treatment underneath to blend with the bright sky or heavy clouds. Since I don't expect to actually fly this thing, it might look like somebody forgot to paint over the primer. "Hey buddy nice bike but you forgot to paint over the primer on the bottom of the tank." "Or some Harley owner at a red light will say hey, what ya do, run out of paint?" Gota be careful. Gota be careful.

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The old thick black rubber brake lines were replaced with the thin new braded line. These lines have well engineered connectors with a variety of banjo fittings. The guys at Cycle Stop in Norristonw, PA warned me to be careful because these lines transmit the slightest touch to the front and rear disks. They look great too!

Well that's about it. Hope you enjoyed touring my shop. It ain't Jessie James's or them other fellers who's always loosing something and hoping to find it in time for the big show. Like most working stiffs, it's just where I hang out and get my head back on those wonderful Pennsylvania weekends. Safe Ride and always check your blind spot, twice. Bro Mike