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Here is an update of the build showing the binding process. I really appreciate the Luthier's Tip Du Jour features. I stuck closely to Robert's feature, trial fitting each binding strip, marking the joinery and taking care to have a consistently cut channel. The binding glue up went well. I used masking tape rather than the blue stuff for a nice tight pre-fit. My twill tape wrap isn't as neat as Tips Du Jour but it did the trick. One thing I'll do next time...It is a good thing to inspect all around the seam of the new binding-before the glue drys- to spot any opening that would need to be filled later. Several applications of masking tape - on top of-in between twill tape windings will pull the binding in, eliminating fill tricks later. The back is next. So far so good. Just click on a picture to hold up the show if you'd like to inspect a picture. Until next time...thank you for your interest. Mike