This music soundtrack is by west-coast musician and composer Julian Bradley..boss chops...You can find more of his fine sounds at search Bradley jazztutorial in You Tube.......

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Summer 2016. A lot of projects have completely side lined the guitar build for now. I leave this show up because the work up to the final slide on slide show two, is good craft. My time is not focused enough to follow through with a complete build at present. When I finish, it will complete the slide show detailing each stage of the project. Until then enjoy Julian Bradley's fine tracks on numerous pages of this site. As you can see I corrected a bad kerfing job to a more finite kerf modeled after a commercial strip, so the new individual kerfs I cut are more true and better craftsmanship. Its now looking more like a guitar,a lot of tasks still remain: fret board slots are done; need Binding and Perfling for back and soundboard, neck mounting done; need fret board glue up and alignment-scary-, fitting and gluing the back is up next, fret board has been planed to a slope-hope it was enough (scary), next will be finger board glue up, installing frets, carving the neck is about done, drilling and reaming peg holes in the headstock, and attaching the bridge and saddle assembly. No time constraints on this, I'll probably hone my finishing skills on both the Flamenco and Archtop Guitars by December. That's it for now. Oh also, to better understand guitar, I'm studying several excellent You Tube Piano sites, Mike Beatham's excellent; Matthew New's great Piano Theory site; and Julian Bradley's excellent playing by ear instruction ( all allow much better understanding of chords, notes and scale or mode structure for piano,guitar and music in general. Thanks for stopping by. Mike

Wearing his new yellow luthier's apron, this guitar building cats beginning the long finishing process on a Dreadnaught. Sanding with 420 grit paper his mouse sander is plugged in and on stand-by.