This is an index of published articles, relevant books, essays about this transitional period of the U.S. Government, and recollections sent in by Marines who served in country during this period roughly 1964 to 1966. Amidst the unfolding events such perspectives are simply locked tight and unavailable; Tactical documents for "Eye's Only", Top Secret, or classified distribution. Someone at the New York Times stated that "..there is a need for good official writing about war..." I submit that there are many personal recollections that will never be read or shared, writings which may be considered by Times standards, "unofficial." Eye witness accounts are often hidden in letters home, or tucked away in a Marine's mind until the day, in a safer time, it wants to be recalled, examined, replayed for understanding. One best seller this year, took forty years to write! Perhaps we learned more from Asia than we know. The passing of years,captivated by other urgencies finds us still pondering unanswered questions. The purpose of this collection is purely understanding. What happened at coordinates BT900720. Events that never made the papers, or a book or a movie still hover in the void of time, soon to be lost forever with the passing of another generation, events that ask "Does anyone really care?"

The first of Essays, Recollections and Articles follow, I hope you will find, from a historical perspective, this growing index informative. I am not a reviewer, but I do run across books and articles in general that interest me. I will broaden this list to include some works you may also find interesting. (mtm)

Starlite Casualties BMED Chu Lai August 18 and 19, 1965. by John Testa- A recollection.

William L. Adams interviews General Nguyen Duc Huy during his 2003 visit to Vietnam. A feature presented in Vietnam Magazine, May 27 2006, copyright 2006 Weider History Group-(This article may be accessed from the history net site. link is outside this site)