Beach Haven
This music soundtrack is by west-coast musician and composer Julian Bradley.....You can find more of his fine sounds at search Bradley jazztutorial in You Tube.........

Day at the Beach
It took only a moment in the sand at Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey for the troubles of miserable politics and more personal creative struggles in music, writing and spring landscaping to drift frivolously behind. The drive "down-tha-shore" took only two hours. Long Beach Island is just north of Atlantic City but to get there a quick drive up the Garden State Freeway to Route 72 east put us across the bridge to LBI and the little vacation community of Beach Haven, our destination. It was early April. The little shops and restaurants were busy preparing for summer business. A shop owner paced nervously awaiting the arrival of the Boar's Head Meat truck guy to set up his new deli. Carpenter crews worked overtime to finish up painting and trim work all clean white and pastel colors of the shore.

The variety of beach condos and houses seem to have full calendars as the snows of winter melt, but luckily we found a beautifully restored small motel style domain a few yards off the beach! The Corps of Engineers had done a wonderful job restoring the shoreline dunes complete with plantings and pavilion overlooks. Because we were early we soloed the entire beach. But in a few weeks the Jersey Shore would be enjoyed by all from Cape May to historic Sandy Hook. So this little travel log alert is sent out to pack the beach gear, cut out from work early and get back to having some fun. Oh, almost forgot, our little place in the sun turned out to be a smartly restored family owned early style multi unit motel/hotel, the Beach Club at Pearl Street. Its a one bedroom, shower, TVs, furniture all new and kitchen; interiors impeccably painted by the owners. The second room is a fully equipped kitchen with a fold out sofa. Larger groups, wedding or reunions should book multiple units early. There's a full compliment of flat screen cable TVs including WiFi. One of many LBI establishments, The Beach Club certainly worked for us, great place to crash from a day of surf and sun.

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