January 2018
Taowriter5000 is an experimental website begun in 1998. It is a personal non commercial site using all of the digital media to present writing,  
photos,editorials, drawing, ham radio, history, film and music. Some shop project diaries are also included. The original USMC site is also included. I  
rate the site for "G" general audience. There is no social networking nor data gathering. I am M.T. Malsbary-spcedar@gmail.com. Welcome.
Finishing a book on 18th Century
Philadelphia and learning music are on my
front burner. Sample chapters are on this
site as are music track exercises.
Shop work is my other half. I've rebuilt
motorcycles (usmc section) but have
reshaped my shop around small wood
constructions & French polish restoration.
Finish work falls into the music track,
essay, short story, petition and activism
categories. These works are located on
various pages of this site.
About Me
MGC 1962; Marine Corps 1963-1967; MGC, Georgia State U.;
U.Bridgeport; Medical Equipment business 30 years; present
work in Music Study; Philadelphia History; Shop Work.
Completing book about Philadelphia during the American
Revolution-the beginnings of the Marine Corps. 
2022: Ready for Mid Terms 2022 ? Only you can define good government.  

Projects & Passions
The process of creating usually leads to show and
tell. Work done out of pure interest at some point
wants to be seen or heard. This website has become
a vault for my creative work. Some not successful,
some good efforts, a rare few are at the mark
intended. "The Search for Tun Tavern" is on its way
to being in that catagory. But that's for you to
decide. Even as a music beginner, I produce some
correctly played improv sketches, however brief. My
film scores on Autumn (Fall) and the luxury car rental
ad, represnt work in area. Its all fun and often a real
head ache to learn. But then, that's what its all
about, I think.
This site will be under construction thru 2021
but all files are accessible
in this and the temp landing
site. Enjoy!

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